Good Samaritan Scholarship Foundation Organized in February of 2018

Posted February 13th, 2019

Organized in 2018, the GSSF of Lancaster County awards scholarships annually to deserving students. One student will be selected from each high school in the county. Here are facts about this scholarship program and organization:

• Scholarships will not be awarded by default if only one person from a school applies. He/she must meet the necessary requirements to receive the scholarship.
• Scholarships are based on a history of volunteerism, not a single act of volunteering.
• Students may be nominated for the scholarship by school personnel, church members, or members of the community. Send your nominations to this web page.
• The student must complete the application for the scholarship by the deadline date which is March 31, 2019 for Juniors this year.
• The student will submit two letters of recommendation,
and he/she will go through an interview process with the scholarship committee.
• The scholarship will be awarded to students in the Spring of their junior year and a mentor will be matched with each student based on his/her future goals. The mentor will continue the mentorship until
graduation from college/tech school. All board members and mentors will go through background checks.
• The funds will be sent to the school of choice upon acceptance and in accordance with the school’s deadlines.
• There is NO SET GPA to receive the scholarship. The student must be accepted by the college or technical school of choice and he/she must maintain academic eligibility to continue receiving funds.
• The student must continue volunteering, giving back to the community, and helping others in need throughout his/her college/tech school tenure.
• The amount of the scholarship will be determined by
the funds raised. The current value of the scholarship is $1000 per year and awarded by semesters. ($500/ semester)
• GSSF hopes to have volunteer and/or intern opportunities during the summer for juniors and possible internship opportunities for students after their senior year; however, these will be opportunities and will not be guaranteed. Local non-profit organizations and local businesses will be asked to partner with our Foundation.
GSSF has a diverse board from Andrew Jackson, Buford, Indian Land and Lancaster areas (age, sex, ethnicity, professions, etc.)
• GSSF initially had $10,000 donated for matching funds and
a $1,000 memorial donation. In addition to our first fund raiser and other generous donations, we have raised over $25,000.
• The GSSF received our State of SC Articles of Incorporation which designates us as an official nonprofit organization.
• The GSSF has completed the filing of the Federal 501(c)3 and has a tax ID # for all donations to be tax deductible.

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