The GSSF celebrates, encourages, and supports high school students in Lancaster County who rise above their own personal and financial challenges in order to help others in need. The scholarship is designed to recognize and encourage students who exemplify the character of the Good Samaritan. Though academic achievement matters, other considerations may be more influential in the decisions of the committee.

Application Overview

To apply for the Lancaster County Good Samaritan Scholarship, an applicant must be a JUNIOR and must submit the following:

More information about these items can be found below.

Submitting Your Application

All items MUST be submitted online via this page.


OR…You may take a photo of the QR code on the poster which will take you directly to the application. This poster is also available at your school in the Guidance office and/or posted throughout the school.


The deadline for the 2021 Lancaster County Good Samaritan Scholarship is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2021... no later than MIDNIGHT.

Primary Application Form

The primary application form collects basic information about our applicants and includes a list of questions that help the selection committee get to know you better.


The Good Samaritan Scholarship was developed for an exceptional type of student, one who rises above his or her own personal and financial challenges in order to help others in need. Convince us in a typed, double-spaced essay of 250 – 500 words that you are that student. Please follow instructions carefully.

Statement of Support By Guidance Counselor

Good Samaritan Scholarship applicants should have a relationship with their high school guidance counselor and/or college adviser. The GUIDANCE FORM BELOW MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE GUIDANCE COUNSELOR.

Guidance Counselors please submit this form, signed by using the uploaded form below: (* online submission)

High School Transcript

Please submit the applicant’s transcript by using the upload form below: ( **online submission necessary)The Transcript must come directly from the Guidance department and must not be a copy from students. It should be up to date with the current courses listed in addition to all completed courses. An official signature should be included on the Transcript.

Letters of Recommendation

Each applicant must submit two letters of recommendation. Each submission MUST address personal knowledge of your volunteerism and your personal integrity. One recommendation must come from a faculty member of your school and the second recommendation must come from a community member that has knowledge of your volunteerism. Both recommendations may not come from the same source.

Letters of recommendation should be submitted by using the upload form below: (*Online submission mandatory.)

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